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Project Details

Location: Wentworth Street, Port Kembla, NSW, Australia
Date: 2003
Client: City of Wollongong
Materials: Street Banners made from polished stainless steel

A master plan of streetscape opportunities was prepared collaboratively with Artlandish and Wollongong City Council Landscape Architects.  Ideas included paving designs with trachyte sets and mosaic insets, a feature entry sign, street banners and seats.

Other local artists made the mosaic insets and entry sign, while Artlandish designed and fabricated two sets of stainless steel laser cut street banners for the entry points into the main street. The design for the four vertical banners reflects the industrial character of Port Kembla, and the surfboards wind vanes celebrate the coastal location. The wind vane imagery was designed by four artists each from a different cultural background, offering an interpretation of the rich cultural diversity within Port Kembla.

The seats located along the street are also of an industrial nature, and are made from laser cut steel with routed hardwood bench tops.



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