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Project Details

Location:  Corner of Belmore and Parsonage Streets, Ryde,  NSW, Australia
Value:  $71 000.00
Date:  2008
Client:  City of Ryde and Holdmark Developments

Design concept: Jane Cavanough
Wind vane detail design: Jane Cavanough and Graham Bartholomew
Wind vane fabrication: Ian Bartholomew and Graham Bartholomew
Materials: Tallow wood, galvanised steel and copper
Mosaic Design: Adrina Khobane and Rebecca Jones, emerging indigneous artists
Mosaic makers : Cynthia Turner, Adrina Khobane and Rebecca Jones
Mosaic Project Manager: Cynthia Turner


Adjacent to the Ryde Bridge on the Parramatta River stand three iconic wind vanes.  Each hand carved boat  responds to the breeze, recalling the rich maritime history when vessels of all types and sizes ploughed up, down and across the Parramatta River.  Set in the pavement at the  base of each wind vane, are three mosaics, that celebrate the indigenous history of “Wallemedegal”, the place of the snapper.



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