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Project Details

Client: City of Canada Bay
Date: 1998
Decomissioned: 2009
Value: $100 000.00
Fabricators: Boat made by Ian Bartholomew and Yulan Murray. Fish bubbler by Phillipa Playford and Cynthia Turner


Hen and Chicken Bay was named by early settlers when rocks seen at low tide resembled a hen or chicken.

Jane Cavanough and Phillipa Playford designed a play trail based on a story specially developed by Natalie Playford about a chicken explorer named Henry.

The story was read the to school children, who then produced accompanying illustrations.  These were the starting point for the design of a play trail, which ultimately consisted of a hand carved boat, a tunnel of leaves, hand carved currawongs in the sandpit, sound totems and a fish bubbler. 

Sadly the boat was decommissioned in 2008, partly due to a lack of maintenance and changes in the Australian Standards for playground items.



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