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Project Details

Location: Moore Park, Sydney, NSW
Value:  $550 000
Date:  2009
Client:  Premiers and Cabinet Department

Design: Jane Cavanough Artlandish & Design, Pod Landscape Architecture
Blacksmith: Glenn Moon
Foundry: Central Foundry
Landscape Contractors: Design Landscapes
Project Managers: Dept. of Commerce, NSW Government


The Korean War Memorial in Sydney’s Moore Park is Australia’s newest, largest and most significant tribute to the men and women who fought in what is often described as the “forgotten war”.

Steel, granite, gravel and carvings are brought together to create a memorial to all countries that fought to defend the Republic of Korea from the Communist north between 1950 and 1953.

A field of steel and bronze hibiscus flowers, one for each of the 136 NSW lives lost, is at its centre while a large granite block split in two represents the divided Korean peninsula.

Surrounded by a circular stone wall, the monument also features 11 stone mounds, carved with the names of the battles in which Australians received honours.

The Memorial goes a long way to making good on the Nation’s unfilled duty in recognizing Australians who served in Korea.

Artlandish and Pod Landscape Design collaborated to win the design competition for the memorial in 200x, it was officially dedicated in June 2009.

In 2013 the Korean War Memorial was named a Miliitary Memorial of national significance - one of only 6 in Australia.



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