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Project Details

Artwork Value: $ 96 000 including community program    
Date: 2008
Client:  Mt Kembla Pathway Group
Project Design: in collaboration with Umbaco Landscape Architects
Materials: hand carved slate monoliths, sandblasted basalt pavers, basalt drystone walls

Design: Jane Cavanough
Letter carving and design: by Marlie Kentish-Barnes, Poems by Conal Fitzpatrick
Mosaic: Cynthia Turner, the Coomaditichie Co-op and students from Mt Kembla Primary School
Bridge: Graham Bartholomew

Funded by IMB Community Fund, and the Miners Trust.


The Mt Kembla Colliery exploded in 1902, killing 96 men and boys. 
It remains the biggest loss of life in an on-land disaster in Australia today. 
The disaster was instrumental in the formation of the union movement
and its bid to establish safer working conditions.



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