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Design and fabrication of site specific artworks in public places: including parks, playgrounds, wetlands, streetscapes and urban settings.


Consultancy Services

Design and Fabrication of site specific artworks in public places including parks, playgrounds, wetlands, streetscapes and urban settings Established in 1997, Jane Cavanough Artlandish and Design was one of the first cross-disciplinary artist practices of this kind in Sydney, providing specialised expertise to local governments, design professionals and communities. Our public art projects are developed through consultation and collaboration, weaving community and cultural references into artworks that are timeless, engaging, and in context with the locality and setting.

Public Art Strategies

Educated initially as a landscape architect before completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts in sculpture, Director Jane Cavanough brings a background of multi disciplinary skills to the development of public art strategies, linking urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, environment and cultural planning into the context of public art and the development of local dostinctiveness.

Community Cultural Development

Jane Cavanough was taught the ropes of community development in Manchester and London when working for the Groundwork Trust in the late 1980’s. Cavanough continues to enjoy working with children and adults to enhance the level of engagement with public art projects. She established a non profit organisation Artlandish Incorporated in 2006 to develop community projects specialising in public art.

Professional Recognition

• AILA awards in 2007 and 1998 for project teams including Jane Cavanough Artlandish Art and Design

• Jane Cavanough won a Churchill Fellowship in 2003 to study the "Relationship between Sculpture, Community and Landscape". This provided an opportunity to travel to the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany to look at public art, sculpture parks, playgrounds, and garden festivals.

• Art Gallery NSW Basil and Muriel Hooper Scholarship, for outstanding emerging artist, 1993S

Project Scope

Public artwork projects are successfully completed for budgets ranging from $20 000.00 to $550 000.00. The process is developed in consultation with the client to match the available budget. Artworks have been made from a variety of materials including forged steel, silicone bronze, cast iron, laser cut sheet metal, sandstone, slate, timber, mosaic, ceramics, fibreglass and mist.

The inclusion of public artwork provides a unique character and identity to the place, local ownership, decreased vandalism and increased civic pride, improved tourism potential, iconic landmarks that celebrate the locality, culture, heritage and environment.


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